Have Curly Hair? These Are the 5 Best Hair Styles for You

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Have Curly Hair? These Are the 5 Best Hair Styles for You

If you’re fed up with fighting the frizz and flattening your curly tresses into submission, then it’s time to work with it rather than against it. The straightening iron no longer has to be your constant companion when you opt for looks that embrace curly hair.

Styling this type of hair doesn’t have to be difficult; it’s more about choosing looks that effortlessly enhance your hair’s natural texture while still taming that mane. So, grab a comb (no brushing those curls out!) and try one of these five best ways to style curly or frizzy hair. Of course, the right cut and hair care is essential, too, so we also have a few tips to build the right foundation for your fabulous curls.

Soft, slightly frizzy tendrils can be the epitome of cool and just messy enough to look incredibly sultry — just think back to Sex and the City. While this style works best on shoulder-length hair and longer, the real key is to keep your tresses soft and touchable rather than crunchy and stiff. A leave-in conditioner will help with this. And carefully drying with a diffuser on low heat while scrunching will also put your locks on the right SATC track.

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